What to Do in Semarang: Spots You Should Definitely Visit

The answer to the question of what to do in semarang can be summarized in one simple sentence: enjoy the historic retreat to a past where the city’s glorious background began. Yes, Semarang as a tourist destination is not big in tropical leisure. Instead, a trip to the city would be akin to visiting a museum—a gigantic, city-sized museum at that. The whole city is a display of cultural diversity and a moving diorama that reflects its former and current identity. Once in the past, the city was a trading hub to where merchants from all around the world came to trade. Once, in the past, the city was one of the major colonies of the Dutch in Indonesia. And once in the past, the Japanese made this city its military post. These variegated stories of the past make Semarang rich in cultures and it can be seen from its various landmarks.

The relics from the past make up most of the answers to the question of what to do in semarang trip. The influence coming from the past merchants appears in the city’s demography; some of the people inhabiting the city are of Chinese descent and some others are mix of Arabic, Indian, and other areas in Indonesia. The most apparent heritage from the Japanese is the LawangSewu, which at one point belonged to the Dutch. The building was converted from its original purpose into Japan’s military post and prison. And talking about the Dutch colonials themselves, their influence are probably what appear to be the most prevalent in the city, what with the many European-style old buildings scattered across, earning Semarang its nickname, the Little Holland.

So, the answer to your question of what to do in semarang travel won’t be present in the form of lush, exotic island living full of tropical beaches. It would be about revisiting the rich cultural heritage that makes up the city’s façade. Aside from the aforementioned landmarks, here are some other things you can do while in the city:

  1. Pagoda Avalokitesvara

Located a bit further from the downtown this religious site consists of two major buildings: the smaller pagoda and a prayer hall. Colorful in design, the site is a perfect location if you wish to escape the buzzing city life for a while.

  1. TayKakSie Temple

The temple is one of the proofs of the prevalence of Chinese culture in Semarang. This site is still in use till this very day where you can even witness people doing their things there. Try to look into your future through a means of fortunetelling in this temple, which uses a pot of bamboos.

  1. Semarang Market

Anyone who is fond of including a local marketplace should add this place on their itinerary. The market is full of people selling authentic produces.

  1. The Blenduk Church

Located in the area of Old Town, the church is only one of the relics left behind by the Dutch. Sporting typical European architecture, the church is still operating today and is home to around 200 congregations.



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