The Twins of Lombok Waterfalls

Lombok is one of the best islands in Indonesia. As people know, Indonesia has a lot of exciting sites spread in each of the island spot; and Lombok is rich with wonderful sites to explore. Lombok is located near Bali, the most famous island of Indonesia. Though Lombok is nearby Bali, but it does not have the crowds like Bali do. It is surrounded by amazing three little islands called Gili. When it comes to speak about Lombok, what people think is diving, snorkeling, and other oceanic activities. However, Lombok contains more than you have ever thought. There are the amazing nightlife, white sand beaches, great Mount Rinjani, and many more. One of the best things to be explored is Lombok waterfalls. There are many spots of waterfall in Lombok that are still undiscovered. The waterfalls there are truly amazing. Some sites need to have adventurous trek before reaching the waterfall and some are simpler. You can unite with nature while going to the waterfall since you have to pass through the forest. It will be really an amazing experience ever.

There are numerous Lombok waterfalls you can find. Two of them are the twin which has wonderful vista and clear crystal water. Those are BenangSetokel and BenangKelambu. It is a great cascade pair which you should not miss it when coming to Lombok. It is located in Lombok Tengah and you can reach it from Senggigi beach by driving for about 1.5 hours. BenangSetokel and BenangKelambu are easy to be accessed which only takes from each other in one kilometer. The unique part of this waterfall is the water comes from the cliff that passes through the jagged rocks. There, you will be spoiling with the water pouring down among the lush plants. Can you imagine that? Then, what is the characteristic of BenangSetokel and BenangKelambu?

  • It has the meaning of a bundle of yarn. This waterfall has two levels which has the height up to 20 meters in each. The water flows from the river in Mount Rinjani. Play the water in pond excitingly.
  • Get the satisfaction in BenangSetokel? Then, go to this stunning waterfall. It has 2 to 3 levels of waterfall. The word of Kelambu has the meaning of curtain which is named because the plants there create a frame of the waterfall like a curtain and window. The water flows from Mount Rinjani directly. It makes the water there is really fresh and clean even some of them said that the water is safe to be drunk directly.

These twin waterfalls are really eye catching. After a long trip to get to this waterfall, then you will be greeted by the amazing waterfall. Never get any disappointment coming to this site, it is too precious to be missed out. Come there with your family or friends, and get a bunch of happiness playing in the waters. Get ready to explore more the undiscovered Lombok waterfalls!

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